Student Council


There is a Prefectorial System in the school which provides the students with training in leadership and self Rule and also helps in smooth functioning of the school. To make its rule effective, the rule effective, the duties and powers of various appointment holders are defined as follows: General Duties performed by the student council:

  • To help in the formulation of school policies.
  • To act as extended arms of the school authorities and to help them in various matters connected with school organization.
  • To maintain discipline in the school campus.
  • To assist in the organization of intra house and inter house functions and competitions.
  • To ensure the use of English as the only medium of communication.
  • To maintain discipline in the school buses while moving to and from the school.


The School parliament is the deliberative wing of the student body. It consists of all the prefects and class monitors form classes VI and above. It has a school cabinet to look into the following areas under the guidance of teachers:-

  • Academics
  • Games and sports
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Campus discipline
  • Student welfare
  • Canteen
  • School transport

The school Parliament meets at least once in a year while the school cabinet at least once every term under the control of the principal.


The Library is the nerve centre of the school. It provides material to supplement and enrich instructions and guidance given in the class rooms. As the school caters to a wide range of students, we have organized library services differently at different stages. Ours is a rich Library with reference books, Encyclopedias, current magazines and Newspapers In different languages. Student of the school have fixed library periods in which they visit the library of the school to read books, periodicals and magazines. Besides this, they utilize these periods for getting books issued to them .following guidelines are to be adhered to, while visiting the library:

  • Library books, Magazines and furniture are the property of the school & must not be marked, damaged, or taken form library without permission.
  • Borrower’s cards are issued to each student at the beginning of the school year, and books are issued to them on presentation of this card. if the card is lost a payment of Rs. 20/- Must be made to obtain a new card. The borrower’s card must be returned to the library whenever a student leaves the school.
  • Books can be issued from the library and kept for a week in the First Instance. If at the end of this time, a student has not finished reading the book, he/she can have it re-issued, that is It should be re-stamped by the librarian. Student would be fined Rs. 1/- per day if the book is Over Due. In case of a book is lost, the student must pay the cost of book and Rs. 15/- as fine.
  • Reference books and magazines are not issued. They should beconsulted in the library only.
  • Student must maintain a record of library books read by them in the appropriate Performa given in the Almanac.

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