School Rules
  • Parents shall not allow their wards to carry expensive watches, electronic gadgets or more than Rs. 50/-cash to the school.
  • Parents practicing Sikh religion by birth shall not allow their childern to cut hair or trim beard.
  • Parents shall extend full cooporation to school , staff and management in running the school efficiency. Constructive suggestion from parents are always welcome.
  • Parents are expected to deposit school fee on time . Reminders  about non payment offee make the school and student uncomfortable.
  • Parentes must inform the class teachers about the history of chronic disease , if any, that their ward is suffring from through a note in the Almanace along with a photocopy of the prescribed treatment. Please make sure to obtain a ‘Fitness Certificate’ from the doctor before sending your ward to school after an illness.
  •  To reduce the load of bag, make your ward carry only text books and exercise books  according to the time table for the day. No books or publications other than the prescribed text books and the  library books are allowed in school. However, a small dictionary and an atlas ahould be brought.

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