From the Desk of the Vice Chairman

Vice-chairman-S. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, General Sceretary, D.S.G.M

To my mind an educational institute is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building character, enriching minds and about varied experiences that last a life time.

Our Guru Harkrishan Public Schools group, for close to six decades, has been dedicated to its mission of nurturing students who can make a mark for themselves in the social milieu.

I have recently taken charge as a Vice Chairman of the Guru Harkrishan Public School (ND) Society and I have seen that our institutions have got a rich tradition and legacy. I accepted this responsibility with a deep sense of humility and a keen desire to enhance the learning experience.

My vision is to see our schools at the top of the inventory of good schools in Delhi and for that task we have to strain every nerve for this accomplishment. This is only going to be possible when we work together as a team. In our attempts to work towards this goal, a lot sacrifices may have to be made. I take this opportunity to request you all to rise to this occasion.

In today’s competitive world, one must be practical, sensible prudent and persistent in targeting success. The real purpose of education is to grow beyond the self to reach one’s potential.

As a continuum to the above fact, we realize the importance of creating an ambience in our schools wherein our students are provided with an atmosphere conducive with regard to nourishing and nurturing their GROWTH. Sports is one such medium which we want our students to cash on. A sportsman knows how to sustain balance between an individual triumph and a team’s glory. To inculcate this ethic among students, we keep organising sports events for the overall development of our future generation. Preparations are ongoing for the conduct of Khalsa Athletic Meet for our students. We propose to strengthen the infrastructural support for sports based activities by providing coaches for different games and sports equipment as per the requirement of individual schools. As a precursor to the larger forthcoming events, our Schools have participated in the Delhi State Athletic Meet – 2013 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

Teachers’ empowerment programmes and workshops are also being organised on an ongoing basis for the teachers of all subjects to acquaint them with the changes in the curriculum and teaching methodologies. This is being done with the aim of empowering them to implement the same in their classes. The educational scenario today is way different from what we have been used to in the past and our aim is to create a culture wherein our teachers are constantly updating their knowledge.

You would also be pleased to know that the Guru Harkrishan Public School (ND) Society in collaboration with the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee have taken initiatives to spread the message and implement the programmes covered by the Minority Benefit Schemes of the Delhi Government. Details of the work done can be seen under the head of “Initiatives” on this website.

Success can be achieved in any sphere of life through hard work and sincerity. If your concept of success includes the larger interests of the Nation, then believe me, Sky will be the limit for us…

I have my inherent faith in our younger generation. I am sure they will make us proud on account of their unrivalled skills and boundless energy. We are committed to provide an ambience to them to grow and bring glory to sports and academics simultaneously. We look forward to seeing them flourish as citizens of the global village.

I do admire the incredible progress of Guru Harkrishan Public School over the years and wish for further accomplishments in this incessant journey of achieving excellence. We feel proud that we are shaping modern India and fulfilling the Guru Harkrishan Public School motto.

“Vidya Vichari Tan Parupkari”

(He is learned indeed who does good to others)

Eventually, in a nutshell, I want to convey the talisman of success which will hopefully be emulated by all. Success comes to those who are tenacious, industrious, earnest and honest towards their aspirations and work with determination towards achieving their goals.

S. Manjinder Singh Sirsa
Vice Chairman
Guru Harkrishan Public School Society

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